Wood Polish

Wood polish are use to Polishes Furniture to Make Every Surface Shine. There are two types of grains in wood – the open grains and the close grains. 
Shino Chemicals is the bulk supplier and manufacturer of Wood Polish Thinners, Auto Motive Thinners, Paint Thinners, Sanding Sealer, Wood Polish and other products.
Wood polish  supplied in bulk quantity according to customer requirement; best discount price is available on selected products.


  1. Method of Application :- by  Brush or polish cloth 
  2. Drying Time :-                  Surface dry 30-40 minutes
  3. Dilution medium:–          Thinner ( Recommended quality -shino 101 and sp-55 )
  4. Specific Gravity:–              0.94 approx
  5. Solid Contents:-                 42% by weight approx
  6. Packaging :-                       500 ml , 1 litre , 4 litre , 20 litre